At MET we also have value-added services available in house. In addition to our proprietary services, we also maintain great relationships with multiple vendors that allow us to expand our secondary processing capabilities.

Our vendor partners have demonstrated their quality through years of dedicated service and proven results across millions of parts.


Popular Value Added Services

Black Oxide
Converion Coating

Black Coating used on Ferrous material for mild corrosion resistance and to minimze light reflection

Tonnage/Tool Based Press

Process of fashioning metal parts through mechanical deformation. Item is reshaped without adding orremoving material and mass remains unchanged.

Heat Treating
Thermal/Metal Working

In a metallurgical application heat treating alters the physical and sometimes chemical properities of material (hardness, composition, temper, surface)

Chemical Bath

Offered in Stainless Steel material passivation is a process that makes stainless steel less effected or corroded by the enviorment in final application.

Conductive Plating Bath

A surface covering in which metal is deposited onto conductive surfaces. Popular platings include gold, silver, nickel silver, zinc phophate, and chromate

Conductive Paint Bath

Method of painting that uses electircal current to deposit paint on the surface for corrosion resistance or pretreatment to a final coating

Powder Coating
Free Flowing Powder Line

Powder coating is applied electrostatically to product then product is cured under heat or with ultraviolet light.

Speciality Packaging
Made to Design Packaging

Engineered, researched, and designed packaging. Either to customer specification or reverse engineered around customer products to meet requirements

Laser Cutting
Direct Laser Output

The practice of using directed laser output to slice material. Different variations of cut quality can be achieved through assist gas (Oxygen or Nitrogen)

Rotary Cutter

Machining process based around using rotray cutters to remove material by advancing the cutter into a work piece. Change of axis point allows for complex designs

Counter Sink
Rotary Cutter

Conical hole cut into a manufactured object using a cutter. Common use is to allow the head of a screw or bolt to sit flush below the surface of surrounding material.

Tapping Bit/Press

Tapping is cutting or forming of the required female threads into a manufactured object that requires mating hardware.

High Heat Metal Melting/Joining

Joining of material by using high heat to melt the parts together then allowing them to cool, causing fusion.

Surface Grinding

Visible surface deformation due to sliding contact with another object. This process smooths the surface and makes it shinier.

Other services may be available based on request – please contact us directly for more information.