Our Policy

Maintaining a quality product is our top priority. With such tight tolerances and an array of different processes we must have high precision and repeatability for our products. For both the Fabrication and Etching departments we only use calibrated measurement devices.

Samples are taken during the creation of goods and checked using multiple criteria to make sure we meet the customers needs. If any irregularities are observed, we halt current progress and make adjustments to machinery or chemistry. Product that has already been created is thoroughly inspected to verify conformity to the job requirements.

After Fabrication and Etching are completed, the goods are sent through a quality control procedure by our dedicated Quality Technician. All dimensional tolerances and outside services are checked and confirmed. Only after both inspections and confirmation that our standards are met, can the product be shipped. Machines are regularly cleaned and inspected regularly to prevent inconsistency or downtime for repair.


RoHS Compliant          |          Made in the USA                  ISO Certified 9001:2015


ISO Certifed 9001:2015 as of May 3rd 2021!ISO Certifed 9001:2015

Inspection Equipment


The VHX digital microscope, by Keyence, is a variable magnification scope that also functions as a 3-dimensional readout display. This secondary function allows us to render the surface in a 3D space and see the changes in elevation on the part.

The magnification ranges from 0-200 times and lets us see surface defects and possible errors in our manufacturing process. At higher magnifications, flaws such as blistering, peeling, discolored surfaces, creasing, and scratches become noticeable and can be corrected before the part moves further along in the process. The VHX is used only for visual inspection at our facility.


The XM series CMM, by Keyence, is a handheld measuring device that uses a probe to retrieve specific points on any surface. This device is used to measure large objects that the IM and VHS cannot.

The XM has a rotating table approximately 11” x 20” but is only limited by the peripheral limits of the center scope. Programs can be set to ensure that multiple parts can be measured in the same way each time, to eliminate variability and human error.

IM KeyenceIM

The 6000 series, by Keyence, is a stationary measuring tool for getting precise readings on smaller parts. The design is intended for rapid acquisition of data on multiple pieces at a time. This layout lets us check hundreds and even thousands of parts in a fraction of the time it would take other measuring devices.

Testing & QA

Calibrated Digital Calipers & Micrometers

MET Manufacturing Group wants to ensure accuracy – at our facility, we only use recently-calibrated measurement tools. We keep a variety of equipment on hand for any applicable situation, and ensure they are ready to produce the most accurate results.

Hardness Reader

We have a Rockwell hardness tester for any customers that require proof of material properties post-etching. Our processes do not alter the hardness of materials, and we are happy to this verify for you.

Do we use detailed work orders and travelers?

Workflow is optimized and measured through our use of work orders and travelers. The overall goal of the job, and work details are listed on the work order. Each step in our process is customized for each new job and is laid out step by step for our employees on the job traveler. Job travelers enable a check and balance to our overall process.